Corby Artist in Residence – Sculpture Building and Casting Community Workshops

Commissioned by the arts organisation Made with Many, this residency included utilising the fantastic workshop space and facilities recently built in Corby, Northamptonshire. Participants could come in for as little or as long as they wanted to feel inspired, make drawings of their ideas, use different types of clay to realise their sculptures and then finally make a silicone mould and resin cast with Jesmonite to have a finished sculpture that they could take home.

The process included both casual crafting and industry standard methods of sculpting and casting. Participants were encouraged to try all manner of techniques using tools and hand moulding, followed by silicone mould making and casting. The week long workshops were also a fantastic opportunity for the communnity members to meet one another and bounce ideas off each other as they saw new and exciting creations being made.


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