Monday is Powder Blue

Synesthetica – The Diary of a Synesthete
Edited photo of cut hedges. Looks like microbes, or maybe blood cells.

Having Synesthesia, I anthropomorphise most things that don’t already have a personality. Be it numbers, days of the week, plants or rocks, it is a natural reaction for them to have a character and backstory. Perhaps as a way for my mind to make sense of its surroundings, it reminds me of the way ancient cultures would anthropomorphise natural phenomena, such as the weather or the changing of constellations through the year. As an attempt to understand their environment, those cultures usually attributed those happenings into deities that were in charge of controlling them. Maybe by doing this there is a sense of control gained that removes the need to fear something if you could predict what the outcome of it might be based on your knowledge of that deity.


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