Celespheres, or (Bokeh Planets)

Synesthetica – The Diary of a Synesthete


Originating from a lens flare (bokeh) in a photo i found on my old flickr page, I decided to use this flare and edit it in such a way that it appeared to be some sort of strange planet, or possibly a microcosmic structure that you might look at either through a telescope or microscope.

Through editing this image, i noticed that the more that it was filtered and the more pixelated it became, it gave the impression that the image of the celesphere was this way because the definition of the image had been lost. If it was from looking out into the universe, it could have been something so far away that it could only be seen through a few hundred pixels of resolution or similarly through the intensified lens of a microscope if it was of cellular origin, stretching the vision and blurring the picture.

I’ve named them celespheres (or celestial spheres), as it encompasses the unknown nature of their origins. Not quite planets but not quite just an abstract form, it suggests that they are something that possibly already exist in nature, or the cosmos, but are perhaps theoretical. From the original photo of the lens flare, the flare seems out of context, random and even a bit surreal in the photograph. It is bright, blurry and colourful, lending its nature to be something of a mystery as it is quite unusual for a lens flare to configure itself in this way. Because of this, it’s possible that it could be planet in the background, or a strange creature floating across the image, but i suppose that’s part of the reason i enjoy it so much, as it provides an opportunity to playfully explore the explanation for its origins.

Whilst editing the cropped image of the flare, I was swayed by the way the colours might influence the response of the viewer based on their associations with colour and shape. Having Synesthesia, I do have strong associations with colour and shapes as it instinctively creates narratives, characters and abstract personalities which manifest themselves into my mind as stories. Something that contradicts this however is my appreciation for scientific logic, such as what the colour yellow might conclude to if it was observed a celestial object. The assumption would be that, like the sun, it would be a hot ball of plasma which glows based on the nuclear fusion reaction to hydrogen fusing with helium, which as a result of the fusion, produces photons or what we see as yellow light.

However, by taking these images out of the context of the cosmos, and putting them instead within a blank space, they can become a starting stimulus to explore what their colours and shapes might mean to someone in terms of their initial reactions. By focussing on a stimulus with purely emotional reactions, associations to the forms can then be made that might instead explore their relationship with that colour or shape. Perhaps the colour yellow might instead signify an environment that is balanced and content, based on the assumptions that yellow signifies brightness and to some brightness could mean happiness.


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